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Nursing Care At Home

Nursing care at home offers the benefit of providing individualized care for patients that makes the medical treatment and requirements process more comfortable and safer.

An expert team of highly trained nurses and caregivers in the UAE. You can experience top-quality medical care delivered right to your doorstep.

Professional, Specialist & Efficient

We are known for providing quality home health care services in the UAE. Whether you need short- or long-term care and treatment, our home healthcare professionals will be there for you until you have fully recovered.

We offer a range of services, from prenatal care to elderly care, in addition to long-term support and recovery. Our nurses , caregivers and top doctors compassionate and devoted to each task from monitoring health status to administering medication to help and aid. The goal is to fully improve the health of the patient and make sure that everyday tasks and necessities are handled with maximum ease while maintaining a high level of care.

Services provided

  • Post-Surgery Patient Care at Home
  • Post-Hospital Discharge Patient Care at Home
  • Night Nursing at Home
  • Infusion Medicine at Home
  • Wound Care at Home
  • Oxygen Treatment at Home
  • Medicine Control at Home
  • Diabetes Control at Home

 Nursing care refers to the care provided by registered nurses and licensed practical nurses to individuals who are sick, injured, or recovering from an illness or surgery.

Nurses provide a range of services, including administering medications, monitoring vital signs, assisting with activities of daily living, wound care, and educating patients and families about health care.

Nursing care can benefit individuals who are hospitalized, receiving home health care, or living in long-term care facilities.

Nurses are licensed health care professionals who have completed a nursing education program and passed a national licensing exam.

The cost of nursing care can vary depending on the level of care needed, the geographic location, and other factors. It is important to discuss the costs and payment options with the nursing care provider and/or agency before beginning services.

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Mr. Uday Pratap

Mr. Uday Pratap

Medical Director, Senior Physiotherapist

Dr. Sameena Hameed

Dr. Sameena Hameed

General Practitioner

Mr. Wajahat Mehmood

Mr. Wajahat Mehmood


Ms. Monika

Ms. Monika


Humaira Sial

Humaira Sial


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